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Used plastic injection moulding machine C and C Corp. TEL:81-256-39-6655

Please Call us! for any used Machines!
freedial TEL:81-256-39-6655


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We buy your machines!

If you are thinking of selling machines you no longer need, please leave it to us! We buy those machine. We quickly and efficiently complete the work from price estimation to carrying out machines from your place. Please use our reliable and attentive service.

The flow of our service

Receive your call Estimate your machine within that day of or next day for free of charge Negotiation and contract formation Carry out machine and payment
C&C buying up system C&C buying up system C&C buying up system C&C buying up system
Point! Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail on our homepage. Point! We estimate quickly for free of charge. Point! We issue, 'sales contact' for contract formation. Point! We dismantle, carry out, or deliver your machine by our own expense.

We are different from other companies because,