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Used plastic injection moulding machine C and C Corp. TEL:81-256-39-6655

Please Call us! for any used Machines!
freedial TEL:81-256-39-6655


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We transport your machines

Our experienced staff accurately install, relocate and dismantle machines.
Please consult with us, when you need support for expanding your factory, placing additional machines or changing a factory layout.

What we can help you with

The work flow of loading machines into a container

1.taking out machines from factory ⇒ 2.loading work into container ⇒ 3.tightening work in container ⇒ 4.inside container

The work flow of carrying out large machines

1.jack up ⇒ 2.drawing work ⇒ 3.taking out machines out of factory ⇒ 4.lifting up by crane
5.loading machines into truck ⇒ 6.loading work accomplished