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Used plastic injection moulding machine C and C Corp. TEL:81-256-39-6655

Please Call us! for any used Machines!
freedial TEL:81-256-39-6655


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We sell only quality machines

All the machines we sell are carefully selected, thoroughly inspected and repaired by highly experienced engineers, and we hand them over to customers after running a trial. It’s based on our corporate philosophy that we always give first priority to “relationship of mutual trust with our customers”.

Our main products

We stock a variety of machines at Niigata Office.
Please feel free to stop by our office.

injection moulding machine
Injection moulding machine
injection moulding machine trial
Trial run
Niigata branch
Niigata branch
Machines stocked at Niigata OfficeIncidental machines stocked at Niigata Office.Niigata Office
Machines stocked
at Niigata Office
Incidental machines stocked
at Niigata Office.
Niigata Office