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Used plastic injection moulding machine C and C Corp. TEL:81-256-39-6655

Please Call us! for any used Machines!
freedial TEL:81-256-39-6655


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Handling Personal Information

C AND C CORPORATION (referred to in this Privacy Policy as “the Company,” “we,” and “our”) observes the Act on the Protection of the personally identifiable information (referred to in this Privacy Policy as “personal information”) and protect personal information obtained from customers during the course of our business operations on our website: (referred to in this Privacy Policy as “this website”).

Collect Personal Information and Purpose of Use

  1. When we obtain personal information from customers, we clearly indicate in advance the purpose for which the personal information is intended to be used. However, we may abbreviate to indicate the purpose of use if the purpose of use is clear by provided circumstance.
  2. We use personal information under the following circumstances.
    1. Offer or suggestion about information of our products and service.
    2. For statistics processing.

Handling Personal Information on this Website

We collect and use the IP addresses and event logs of website users for system management and analysis of site use. Information on our servers is not used to identify individuals nor is it used for any other purpose.

Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

Postcode: 955-0001
Address: 488-1 Sanganjishinden Sanjo Niigata 955-0001 Japan
TEL:81-256-39-6655 (Weekday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)