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Used plastic injection moulding machine C and C Corp. TEL:81-256-39-6655

Please Call us! for any used Machines!
freedial TEL:81-256-39-6655


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Leave it to us about machines!

We provide 4 kinds of services.

C&C started the trading business of machines mainly on used injection moulding machines in 1988. Since the time of its foundation up to the present time, we always have been trying to think from customers’ stand point when doing business with them. In addition to our sustained effort, many years of experience and the accumulated know-how made us one of the specialists in the industry.
Moreover, we have expanded our business by launching relocation and transportation service of machines. As C&C aims to accomplish further success, we will continually strive to improve our service by listening to customers’ voice. Please use our 4 kinds or services that are attentive to your every need.

Corporate Profile

C and C Corporation
DirectorTadayuki Takada
Address1-10-9 10F Higashigotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
EstablishmentJuly 1st,1964
BankMitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank,Nagahara Branch
Business・Business concerning buying and selling machines such as used injection moulding machines and crushers

・Business concerning import and export of above machines

・General Motor Truck Transportation Business
Head Office1-10-9 10F Higashigotanda,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
Niigata Branch Office488-1 Sanganjishinden,Sanjo,Niigata

C and C Trading Corporation
DirectorShosaku Takada
Address1-10-9 10F Higashigotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
EstablishmentSeptember,1st 2004
BusinessFreight forwarding business

CAC Trading Corporation
DirectorShosaku Takada
Address488-1 Sanganjishinden,Sanjo-city,Niigata
EstablishmentNovenber,1st 2010
Businessmport/export, purchase/sale and mediation service of industrial machines


1964~"Publicity Corporation" was founded by Tadashi Takada.

Its main business was designing a corporate image and commercial advertisement.

1980~"Publicity Corporation" was renamed to "Character and Characters".

Started a business of developing products of companies' official mascot.
1987~"Character and Characters" was renamed to "C and C Corporation".
1988~Launched the trading business of industrial machines and started exporting and importing used injection moulding machines.

Started focusing on buying and selling of used plastic injection moulding machines as its main business.
1995~Increased its capital to JPY 10million.
1997~Established a branch office in Niigata prefecture.

Expanded its business by selling crushers and accessories, in addition to injection moulding machines.
2001~Started selling machine tools and accessories.
2002~Increased its capital to JPY 40million.
2003~Established its second branch office in Aichi Prefecture.
2004~C and C Trading Corporation was founded.
2008~Launched Transportation business

Its head office was moved to Shinagawa ward Tokyo.
2010~"CAC Trading Corporation" was founded.
C&C Tokyo Head Office
tokyo map
1-10-9 10F Higashigotanda,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
C&C Niigata Branch Office
niigata map
488-1 Sanganjishinden,sanjo-city,Niigata